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"My desire and goal is to show as many who want to learn exactly how to forecast the softwood framing lumber market with the same 86% accuracy as I do." ~ Matt Layman, May 1, 2020

Matt Layman has worked in lumber commodities for nearly four decades, drawing on a wealth of real-world experience.

Matt studied Computer Science and Engineering Operations at North Carolina State University from 1971 to 1975, and began his career in the forest products industry in May 1977 as an inside sales representative for Georgia Pacific Corporation at its Raleigh, North Carolina distribution branch.

After spending two years in sales and panel procurement for the branch, he transferred to the Charlotte, NC branch to manage their “cut-to-size” and industrial program.

In 1979, Matt relocated to Tampa, FL to expand his career into wholesale distribution and lumber brokerage.

Later that year, Matt joined Tampa International Forest Products' plywood department and soon transferred into their infant southern yellow pine lumber department. There he bought and sold with a trading floor of over 20 wholesale traders.

In 1982 he co-founded Monroe Wood Products, a subsidiary of Shoffner Industries, Burlington, NC. MWP was the purchasing division for Shoffner's truss plants and remanufacturing facilities, as well as a lumber and plywood office wholesaler. Shoffner was purchased by Universal Forest Products.

In the summer of 1984 Matt began creating The Pine Page, and the first issue was published May 1985 as a southern yellow pine lumber and plywood market analysis and forecast.

From 1988 through 1990, he traded lumber with Arling Lumber Company, Cincinnati, OH and from 1990-1992 Matt operated and owned a retail lumber business, Woodscapes Plus (specializing in custom pressure treated decks, fencing, playground equipment and outdoor furniture), in Burlington, NC.

In 1992 The Pine Page expanded and rebranded as Layman’s Lumber Guide and became Layman’s full time occupation.

Layman’s Lumber Guide Forecasting Suite is the industry's most prominent and reliable lumber market analyses and forecasts, covering Southern Yellow Pine lumber, Canadian SPF lumber, Western US lumber and OSB...projecting "WHEN" lumber & OSB prices will most likely reverse or accelerate trends.

What People Are Saying About My Forecasts

Hundreds of lumber producers, wholesalers, lumber dealers, wood preservers, component manufacturers, and builders read these forecasts each week. Here's what they have to say:

"The ageless wisdom in having an "in abundance of counselors there is victory" is the main reason why we subscribe. I have found by listening to your analyses that anticipate staying ahead on the ever changing lumber ride has been very wise over time and profitable. Most of your forecasted decision points are well documented and very much in tune with my own historical and experience based references. I find we both share a love of being ahead of the game (of market) and your supplement of a good "educated guess" does what any good experienced counselor should do - help you act out - the right thing to do, especially when the (fearful, shortsighted) crowd is all calling for something totally different. We are on the West Coast and also really appreciate hearing an outside-of-the-area, East Coast perspective on the national market. Keep up the good work."

- Evan Holzknecht, Cascade Lumber, Inc

"Thanks for the update Matt. I almost forgot what a wealth of information your publication provides and have missed reading it. As you continue to make inroads on the production side, I am thinking about how this information is digested and acted upon on the consumer side (or more tragically, not acted upon). I believe the information you provide is foundational bedrock for knowing how consumables are valued."

- Owen Eldridge

"I am a member because I expect you to warn me of market turns accurately. I speculate based on the information you provide in conjunction with my own beliefs and my particular needs for my facility. I do not want data that is not easily usable. Many competing outlets are so full of detail as to be almost non-digestible. I prefer Layman’s Guide over all other newsletters, sites and publications because you tend to present only the relevant information in a concise fashion. I do not look to Layman’s guide for confirmation rather for information and often information that is either counter intuitive at the particular moment or is information that does not come from other sources or is buried within mountains of data in other sources. I also enjoy what I would call your stream of consciousness that you present from time to time. Thank you."

- Please keep me anonymous

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