Creating Lumber Market "EXPERTS"
With Forecasts & Trading Strategies

The Lumber Market is Easy to Beat When You Know What's Coming.

The softwood framing lumber market can be  as difficult or as simple as you choose to make it. Volatility, disruptions, and delusions make even the best traders behave irrationally.   Where others see chaos, we see opportunity to cash in. Those opportunities are identified each week in LLG’s Lumber Market FORECAST (Friday).

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LLG Creates Lumber Market Experts

 In addition to being the ONLY Softwood Framing Lumber Market Forecast PROJECTING WHEN prices will rise and fall with 86% accuracy, we create LUMBER MARKET EXPERTS.

"EXPERT" you say?

Not only do we give you the answers, we explain how and why the "whens" will occur, giving you confidence to make critical inventory decisions. 

The secret is "predictable, repeating human behaviors."

Restricted Memberships

LLG membership is restricted to serious lumber "market makers."  The reason is, the small distribution to less than 2% of the market prevents dilution of the forecasts and creates a community of exclusivity.

Members include producers, wholesalers, brokers, contractor yards, retail lumber dealers (LBM’s), wood preservers, component manufacturers, production builders, multi-family developers, turnkey framers, remanufacturers and portfolio managers.

How Can You Get Access?

Our marketing strategy is simple.

Try LLG for 2-months free. If you find the experience informative and profitable, you stay. If not, you go. In reality, we are going to pay you to join us.

Earn while you learn about

•the 3 lumber market cycles.

•why price reversals are 86% predictable.

•when these reversals have the highest and lowest probability of occurring.

What You Get...

Weekly LLG’s Lumber Market


The weekly FORECAST includes Southern Yellow Pine lumber, Western US Dry Fir species, Green Doug Fir, Eastern and Western Canadian SPF, European lumber, and OSB from the U.S. & Canada.

Additionally we analyze Lumber Futures. Our

Volatility Index prepares readers for ranges of price change.

The Framing Composite Index prepares builders for future lumber locks.

We dissect housing data, carload and truckload transportation, we point out historical trends as well as where we are in the each of the three lumber cycles. Then it's all wrapped up nice and neat into a trading strategy just for you.


What People Are Saying About Layman's Guide Forecasts

Hundreds of lumber producers, wholesalers, lumber dealers, wood preservers, component manufacturers, and builders read these forecasts each week. Here's what they have to say:

"While attempting to forecast the lumber market is the main reason we subscribe to your publication, we also like to have a little insight as to the reasons why the market is moving in one way or another. The research done to establish your estimated decision points helps in our analysis of what we need to cover now and what we should wait on."

- Chris Jones, President, Framing Square Lumber

"The Layman’s Lumber Guide helps me and my staff optimize our lumber purchasing. I also have a treated lumber wholesale business and it helps me to inform my customers on where I feel the lumber market is going"

- Paul Taylor, Marine Building Supply

"Thank you Matt, I am glad I took your advice in November and bought heavy, that was a great call. Now we are buying as little as possible until something changes. Soon we will see the numbers go down. Thanks again for your knowledge and expertise."

- Chris Estridge, Estridge Deck and Patio

"I just want to say thank you for sharing what you've worked long and hard to build with all of us. I thought it was well worth the time and money. I've got a lot of respect for what you've done and for the courage you have to put your ideas out there for better or worse. It's been very helpful to me and Townsend Building Supply over the years. I hope that I can play a part in continuing to pass on the tradition of the "thinking lumberman!"

- Rob Eaton, Director of Purchasing and Business Analytics, Townsend Building Supply

"I am not sure how many years I’ve been a member. Or how it came to be. But I have enjoyed reading your column and have always used it as a guide in doing my job. We are a small location, so I wear many hats, so my time is tight and I feel you have helped me to keep my finger on the pulse. But it goes way beyond that. I felt connected with you in a way, the way you shared your life stories. Reading about your boys growing up the same time my children were. You have just been a calming influence when at times you feel that things are coming apart. Thank you for everything."

- Paul Faust, East Side Lumber

"I get your guide for several reasons. 1) I get a perspective (your personal perspective) that I don't get from other market reports. 2) You are not afraid to stick your neck out and make a prediction. 3) The most important single piece of information for me is the "% Sales / Production Ratio" by product. I have been unable to find this info stated as simply from any other source. It pretty much tells me everything I want to know about the market in a glance. Keep up the good work!"

- Joe Ferreira, Hagle Lumber Co., Inc.

About Layman's Lumber Guide

Matt Layman has worked in lumber commodities for nearly four decades, drawing on a wealth of real-world experience.

Layman’s Lumber Guide is the industry's most prominent and reliable lumber market analyses and forecasts, covering Southern Yellow Pine lumber, Canadian SPF lumber, Western US lumber and OSB...projecting "WHEN" lumber & OSB prices will most likely reverse or accelerate trends with 86% accuracy (+/- one week) since 1992.

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